FamilyCare Counseling Services

About me

I have been the clinical director of FamilyCare Counseling services since 2009. I have been practicing since 2001. I was initially licensed in the state of Florida and then in 2009 I moved to Tennessee. I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Tennessee and I am a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.

Training, Experience and Education.

  • I earned a PhD in Psychology that focuses on strong research and critical thinking skills. This degree prepared me for many different aspects of psychology, including perception, cognition, neuroscience and behavior. My main interest is in qualitative research theories and methodology.

  • I earned a master’s degree in science in Clinical Mental Health counseling: This degree provides the proper training to diagnose and treat mental disorders.

  • Bachelor’s in science in Psychology

  • Associates in Psychology

  • EMDR train provider through Trauma Recovery EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program.

I offer an effective care program designed by me utilizing my clinical expertise and grounded in evidence-based practices that are proven to work. Some of the issues I specialize in helping with:

● Stress

Persistent interpersonal problems

● Persistent interpersonal

● Survival after Narcissistic/borderline abused

● Anxiety/Depression

● Autism

Persistent interpersonal relationship problems

● Marital Crisis/Divorce

● Career Counseling

● Parenting

● Boundary-setting

● Traumatic events

● Relationship Problems

● Life Coaching

Counseling Approach:

Behavioral, Biopsychosocial, Cognitive/Cognitive-Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Interpersonal, Psychoeducational, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Approach Description: The whole person needs to be treated, you are not just symptoms or diagnosis. All aspects of well-being including physical, emotional, and spiritual should be included in your journey. An integrative holistic approach means treating your mind, body, and spirit. This means I am integrating evidence-based treatment approaches (Cognitive therapy, neuro counseling, positive psychology, Gestalt therapy, attachment therapy), and Holistic approaches (nutrition, supplements, physical activity, mindfulness).